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Alex works both traditionally in pen, ink and paint and entirely digital depending on brief and application . His work has been used in editorial, design/ packaging, map-making, animation and advertising settings by a diverse range of clients worldwide. Some of his larger projects are listed below with a selected client list at the end.


Alex speaks both English and French.







Large scale projects & selections include ;



A series of drawings for a brochure for Magna Carta Park 2019


Murals for the Whittington Hospital Paediatric dept. 2018


A conceptual map and portraits for the Chivas Regal 'Venture' 2017


Drawings used as animations for the documentary film ' Fou de Vivre' on the life of Belgian singer Jacques brel  2017


Drawings for a sequence title for BBC Worldwide Pashto news service 2016


Christmas tree design for Balmoral Hotel, Scotland 2016


Window murals for Ecole des beaux arts Paul Belmondo, Rosny sous Bois,

France 2016


A series of animated banner adverts for A.I.G insurance . 2015


Point of sale and posters for Publix supermarkets, U.S .  2015


Selection for '200 Best Illustrators Worldwide' Lurzer's Archive . 2014


Drawings used as murals in the Whittington hospital, London . 2014


J.M Weston shop window display drawings . 2013


Normandy landing celebration poster . 2013


Leon Restaurant chair painting . 2011


Series of brochures for the GLA. 2010


Grant Thornton Mural . 2008


Drawings for Grey Goose bar design / With Gavin Turk & Elton John AIDS foundation . 2008


Drawings for Prada Double club, London. with Carsten Hoeller . 2008


Oxfam 'Spot the Difference' mail-out campaign. 2008


Big Book of Fashion Illustration / Anova Books . 2007


Harrods 'London Icon' packaging . 2005


Selection for Freistil / Best of European Illustration . 2005


Selection for 3X3 Illustration Annual / 2005


Large scale prints for a touring exhibition, Pfizer . 2004


Nelson Mandela Illustrated book, Hansol Gyoyook, South Korea . 2003


Series of brochures for Liontrust . 2001


Beginnings book for the Millennium celebrations, UBS bank, Switzerland . 2000


Observer magazine wine column / regular slot . 1999







Selected Clients Include :



BBC, Harrods, N.H.S, Guiness, The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph,


The Times, The Observer, Le Parisien,  The Ritz, J.M Weston, U.B.S bank, Grant


Thornton, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Waitrose, Easyjet,  


Ryanair, G.Q magazine, Banque de France, Annabel's Nightclub, Sal


Oppenheim bank, Prada, The Spectator, G.L.A , Oxfam, Pfizer, Audi , Greater


London Authority, Maison Camus, Chivas Regal, Bayard, Gallimard,  Emirates


Airlines, The Shard, A.I.G , King's College, France 3 Television, Index on


Censorship, Chivas Regal,